Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Freedom to do something new...

How interesting that the class I've taken online has made me feel the freedom to do some artistic images I would never have tried before.

"The Lost Beret" a long story, and sad for me.  I suppose it is journaling without words.  Still needs to be finished...the wings in white need shading.  It's done in a variety of watercolor pencils. I'm debating whether to touch it with water or leave it as is.  I'm thinking leave it.

"Blue Butterfly" a first for me.  It's a beeswax transfer onto pre-painted canvas.  Thanks to our friend,  Sheila, yesterday we had five members of our Art Club all working with this process for the first time.  We enjoyed ourselves and made some wonderful art pieces. 

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Connie Lou said...

Hi Em,

I just found your blog and I so love all of your work and your inspiration. I am putting you on my roll...thank you for sharing your heart!