Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Loss...

I put his picture up here on August 1st, when he lay at my feet and purred his love, but now I'll put the picture back of my foremost art critic.   The kitty is "Mirage" (aka "Bubba") named for his habit of appearing and disappearing so easily.
 The painting that follows is a large one that I had to make to express my feelings when Bubba died as a result of a poisonous snakebite just 5 days later, on August 6th.  He had received much care, two blood transfusions, pain and clotting factor shots, but nothing was going to bring him back. 
For at least nine years, he had been the guardian of the ranch, bringer of mischievious rodents and smart enough to stay inside each night with "Marigold" kitty to avoid the coyotes and things that go bump in the night.  He was never going to accept inside life, so we finally had to give in to his decision.  The painting is titled "Big Joy...Big Sorrow":

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