Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Intention and awareness...

I don’t know where I’m going with this post…probably where I go when I journal honestly, except this time with words instead of art.

I know that watching these women work on the tapestry in singular purpose, with intent and care; joining each other in song reminds me of our Taizé service. I put the link there so that if you are interested, you could read and see what it’s about. I consider what we did a form of meditation. Even though it takes place in a religious setting, it lifts your heart and soul to wherever it needs to be…kinda like painting?! Hmmm…have I thought that?

I had attended a different one for a long time before I was asked to help with getting my hubby’s church involved. I attended a Taizé service for the first time at another very Gothic chapel and heard the voice of an angel, Sally, begin each chanted song. Our voices were creaky and faint as they joined with hers, but they were a part of our meditation.

I used to set up the small chapel at my husband’s church for this service. It gave me peace and joy to draw the art for the bulletin, arrange candles, fabric, icons, paintings I had made, and peace and calmness to light the candles, lower the lights and wait for the very few people who were our regulars. Just the gentle guitar and our verses repeated together, sometimes with Spanish or Latin sung along with English.

We finally gave up when, even after four years, we didn’t seem to get any of his church members to attend…it was those of other faiths or even no particular religion who joined us. I miss it very much. One lady even sent me thank you cards to tell me how she loved what we provided in her busy life. A place of peace.

I’m beginning to believe that my art needs that sense of divinity in creation that Connie spoke about. I need intention and purpose to accompany my work. I need that sense of dedication that I had when I set up for that very special celebration and meditation.

Whether attending or creating that space for worship and peace, I believe it’s a wonderful thing to create your art in that way. I want to remember these words when I begin my next fearless adventure.


Connie said...

Auntie Em, this is beautiful....and I too agree. I need that same reverence and intent in my work as well. Let's move together into a sacred place.

BIG Hugs!

sersk said...

Beautiful Em, I wish I could attend one of the services. Sounds very serene. Now to be mindful when we paint, I must remember.
Hugs, Sheila

Anonymous said...

Auntie Em, I had to stop by and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the love and beautiful heartfelt prayers that you sent out to Stellan when he was injured. I felt so powerless and at that moment people like you with the most beautiful of souls reached out across the world and held me up with beautiful messages while you prayed for Stellan to be healed and to be returned to me. I will never forget what you did for us.
Much love to you.
xxmichelle and stellan