Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Won another day...

Jehovah's Witnesses started my day.  No offense, but we're not interested.  I was more pleasant than usual and even shared a good word with them..."WON"!  Running late to art club, a friend needed a special hug and I was happy to oblige.
Passed out five Hobby Lobby coupons today in class and in line at the store and used my own to buy the "Dimensional Magic" by Mod Podge that Emily showed us.  Looks easier and almost the same as acrylic epoxy mixing and pouring.
Not the best day in the world.  Hubby upset with primary care physician...for good reason.  I'm not going to take that problem on as my own.  Best way for me to be content and not upset.
And...as I should have, in ten minutes I had a picture framed (half price) at Hobby Lobby that I meant to do months ago.  It is unusual art for me and I was tentative about framing it.  Best of all, unlike others I've had framed, it fit perfectly! *lol*  It's a combination of several contour drawings in various angles painted with acrylic.

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