Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Day Celebration!

It is the day of love!  I love my journal.  Today I'm making my Valentine's Day shrine to celebrate.  It's going to be similar to this one in shape:
I'm cutting out my own pattern and  I have a drawing I might transfer to it along with some special paper to use for the background.  It may even have a quote that I'm particularly fond of.  I hope I can post it here before Friday.  It will become part of my inspiration to begin each day.

Most of all I'm celebrating with Connie at Dirty Footprints Studio!  My life has certainly changed this year because of becoming a part of her groups.  I offer anyone my advice to sign up for the next class that you can.  It's worth every penny~!


Connie said...

Oh Em---you're too sweet! BIG Hugs!

sersk said...

Love it. Good luck.

Lisa said...

Em - it is BEAUTIFUL! I want to see the finished project! And yup, I'm getting a shrine together myself. Fun, fun fun!

Good luck in the contest, by the way. :)

Connie said...