Monday, August 02, 2010

"Belly Love" for my She-roes~

This post is for the fine "Fearless She-Roes" of  "the tribe of BIG". 
I can't stand chickening out of a really BIG dare! 
I did it there, now I really want to be brave for the world.

I send you "Belly Love"  
When I woke up from gallbladder surgery at
Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, TN in August of 2005
(thank you, Dr. Russell and staff!)
this is what I found:
After all, some of my FEARLESS friends
have shared Belly Love too!
Our friend:
Connie finished in grand style


Connie said...

I LOVE it!!! And I so very LOVE you!!!!

Big hugs,

CornerOfCreativeChaos said...

Awesome chica!! Way to go! - Karen from the BIG Tribe

Lis said...

Oh Auntie Em! Love that you are blogging, and especially thinking of us!

What an amazing image! How wonderful there was someone who added that extra bit of love for your belly. I am liking the idea of hearts on bellies ...

xo Lis

Barbara Martin (@Reptitude) said...

:) <3 that!!!