Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Connie, Effy, and freedom

*big sigh*  You dear people...too many to thank.  You are freeing my life, my emotions, *lol* even my Belly~  I paint from my soul, not my little pen or little brush or little paper....although I can if I desire, and it's more art and more soul no matter what the size.  Take a look!  For Auntie Em, please!

People...please let them become part of your lives, and hearts, and ART!  "BIG" is beginning again with Connie.  I urge you to become a part of the best Tribe of artists on earth!

Connie Hozvicka

Effy Wild  
(Effy...I am also a recovering "nicotine addict"...and I'm laughing because it's been 5, that's FIVE, whole years!)

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