Saturday, August 21, 2010

Paintin' in the Rain...

We had one of those "pop-up" thunderstorms this afternoon.  I knew it would probably be done soon.
I quickly tore a sheet of watercolor paper, added dabs of liquid acrylic, ran to the deck with bubble wrap under it and let the rain do some painting for me:
The thundershower was almost over in 10 minutes, so I took it down to the concrete patio and began spritzing and dripping alcohol on it, then decided to try some kosher salt and a bit of clear gesso:
I'm soaking wet, but at least tried something new today! *lol*


Gradiebug said...

Well..some folks just don't know when to come out of the rain!!! LOL

Connie Lou said...

so creative...I live in the "cloud lines" at 2000 ft. above sea level, you have given me a new perspective...thanks!