Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tiger in the sunlight...

He has been spending most of his time in the barn where the fan blows cooler air.  The heat is awful here this summer and we have a bumper crop of huge horseflies.  He eats, then bucks and runs back inside.

This morning, hubby heard him talking to his paint mare next door.  (Yeah...she started it...neigh, neigh!) He's missed her since we had to keep him off the big pasture.  It's such a shame to have a horse who is an "easy keeper" (read that: gets fat and founders if he eats too much!).  The only food Tiger gets is some carrots in the morning, all the not so good quality grass hay he can have and the little bit of good grass in the small pasture behind the barn.  We love him, but he's become a big pet now since Big Al (my riding horse) developed cancer and we had to put him down.  Tiger is just has too much spirit for me to ride.  (He's an Arabian gelding, by the way.)

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