Saturday, January 08, 2011

Barn Owls of Starr Ranch...

We have just been blessed (on camera) with the first egg of 2011 at Starr Ranch Audubon Sanctuary!  She should lay a clutch of, oh, four to seven eggs, laying one every two days until brooding the clutch begins.  It's a fascinating thing to be able to watch online.  Sometimes not so happy as the survival rate for the owlets is not 100%, but you do get to learn so much about Barn Owls there.  I send warm wishes and many thanks to Pete and Sandy who have a lot to do in managing the Sanctuary for the Audubon Society! 
The nest is a natural cavity in a eucalyptus tree, also visited by velvet tree ants, honeybees, and a variety of other birds just passing by.  This is the female bird and they mate for life.  The male will hunt for her and all the owlets when they're born.  Both of them are in the nest during the day. 

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