Thursday, January 06, 2011

No, today it was only "Hank" the Labrador Retriever...

But the "one" thing that happened let me know I helped a sick dog have an easier day.  He was on the x-ray table looking miserable with his IV and a tummy full of barium.  Daughter, the vet tech, asked me to roll my chair in there while visiting and to visit with him for a while.  It helped.  He didn't throw up, just gave me a very polite burp and stayed quiet the entire time.  "Thanks Auntie Em!"I think I heard him say!  Gee, makes me feel so "vettish" when I can do that.  *LOL* {Follow up on Hank:  Glad I wasn't there...he *ahem* passed a sock* that evening.  They operated...found several more socks that weren't going anywhere...the vet took them out.  Now you know where some of those solo socks go that the clothes washer (uh, dog)  might have eaten~!}

It was therapy day, so that became the gift to me.  I wish I could live my life without needing it.  I went so many years without it.  Did I mention I hate being allergic to Metformin?  That's what started the downhill fall this time that led to the pit of depression. *sigh*  Some good must come from simply must!'s hubby...the pet bed/lap therapist:

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