Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Today a bathroom...tomorrow the world~!

*LOL* Who am I kidding?  But I did clean the second bathroom's sink today...a chore I have not tackled in quite a while.  You have that bathroom cleaner in your hand, the other bath is not far away.  Why not give it a schpritz or two or more....grab those paper towels on the way.  Yeah~

And for myself, the other "won" was the file cabinet next to me.  Not the most inspiring thing in the world, but certainly better than it used to be!  And that cedar candle in the back smells so good!  A little "owl" shaped rock fits perfectly in the "Dorothy and Toto" tin.
PS: I thanks to daughter I let hubby be a big boy and take care of his problems all by himself.  Not letting myself worry about it.  Good for me!

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